Community Service

Malino Elementary School is recognizes its privilege of existence and eagerly responds to every opportunity to give back to its community. Through vigorous cooperation with local government units, the Department of Education and the city government, we would like to believe that we make a positive impact in our own modest way.

Malino Elementary school takes a proactive mindset when it comes to supporting educational, environmental and humanitarian causes. The following are just some of the works that we support year in and year out:

  • Cleanup drives
  • Health missions
  • Alay Lakad
  • Relief operations
  • Elections
  • Evacuation  during natural disasters
  • Tree-planning
  • Recycling
  • Cultural events and festivals

Guided by our core values, we fully comprehend the value of engaging in these activities. Our students require not only academic training but also exposure to activities and gatherings that nourish one’s sense of nationalism and builds his or her character.