GDI, Malino Elementary Launch Official School Website

Traveloka Lends a Hand in Malino Elementary School Website Launch
September 7, 2017

Malino Elementary School and the GDI SEO Company have successfully launched the school’s official website. The joint effort has officially brought Malino Elementary to the Digital Age, allowing Internet users worldwide to see what the institution has to offer.

The website currently displays information on the school’s location, its academic system, its personnel and its programs. In the future, the school will be able to post regular announcements and features which can be read anywhere in the world and interacted with in real time.

“This is a significant step in our school’s constant strides to improve,” said Principal Avijel Barro. “The Internet has almost limitless potential to aid learning and we are thankful that a company like GDI came along to help us bring it from concept to reality.”

GDI also expressed its elation for the completion of the project.

“The work that GDI and the Malino Elementary staff put in to bring this website to life cannot be understated,” said Mr. Glen Dimaandal, CEO of GDI. “We are very proud as Fernandinos to be a part of this accomplishment which very few other public schools in the Philippines have been able to pull off.”

GDI plans to help more schools in the province of Pampanga launch their own websites through its charity programs.

The GDI SEO Company is a digital marketing agency specializing in search engine optimization and content marketing. It is located in San Fernando, Pampanga.