Malino Elementary School Receives More Support for Its New Website

Malino Elementary School Receives Assistance for Website Continuity
January 4, 2018

Months after the official launch of Malino Elementary School’s website, students and their families continue to receive valuable information on their co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. This symbolizes the bold step of the state-run school to adapt to the digital age. But this comes with a price considering the website’s hosting and domain name.

Most of the times, the public school are not able to run a website for the lack of resources and expert skills. Fortunately, Cash Mart Philippines, the country’s premier online loan company, has pledged assistance to the Malino Elementary School’s website. This ensures that the school’s website will continue running without any cost from the public school’s budget nor its educators.

Cash Mart Philippines is a strong advocate of financial literacy and online innovations. It believes that students should know how to benefit from the internet and get the valuable information they need anytime. Being an enterprise offering online personal loans in the Philippines, Cash Mart understands the value of information dissemination and making well-informed decisions based on them.

Currently, the Malino Elementary School’s website provides basic information on its program. Soon, it will add more interactive functionalities for teachers, students, and parents with the support of Cash Mart Philippines.